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About City Castles Publishing  

City Castles Publishing is a unit of City Castles LLC.  It is listed as a small press in Literary Market Place 2009, which is the primary guide to the publishing business.


City Castles Publishing is a specialty publisher and serves as the principal publisher for City Castles LLC. 


City Castles Publishing is a small press with basic and practical business goals, but it also hopes to benefit the wider community by supporting A Legacy of Literacy.


City Castles Publishing encourages reading--especially in book clubs, because that is where the devoted readers are; a first step for this goal was publishing the Book Club Notebook, an easy guide to help readers prepare for book club meetings.


The second step is to encourage adults to read to children.


This effort is called: Arthur Collins and the Great American Book Race     Please check back for details!


Authors and agents, please note that City Castles Publishing is not accepting manuscript submissions until further notice.

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