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Books: The Arthur Collins series stars Arthur Collins, a ten year-old boy from Castleton, Colorado. Arthur Collins spends most of his time hiding. He hides from his embarrassing family, his scary teachers, and most of all, the Ruffians.

He hates being a coward, but what else can he do?

One night changes everything.

Arthur is magically transported back to the time of King Arthur, where he is the only one who can stop an evil plot. But first, he has to convince the great Merlin that he was sent from the future to help.

Will Merlin believe his incredible story?

And together, can they defeat the mysterious enemy who wants to destroy the kingdom?  You will like Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes, if you like stories with: bullies, wizards, witches, time travel, and adventure!

Find out by ordering the book below!  Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes is the first book in a 3 book series for ages 9-up.  The next book in the series is Arthur Collins: Master of the Mirror—Coming soon!  



Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes

Hard cover

ISBN 978-0-615-22213-4

322 pages. $20.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling*


Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes

Soft cover

ISBN 978-0-615-26743-2

$13.95 plus $6.50 shipping and handling*


Companion Guide for Parents, Teachers, Homeschoolers, or Reading Groups

The Bridging the Book: Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes is for anyone who needs a way to take the work out of reading for kids. This is a companion book to Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes. This guide uses a combination of narration, readings from the book, and scenes read or performed by students as a tool to make a story in a book come alive. 


Bridging the Book: Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes

Companion Guide


ISBN 978-0-615-56258-2

$15.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling*



Book Club Notebook: Great for use as a study guide for book reading assignments or as the core tool to start a book club.  

When used as a study guide, the “Enriching the Season” section will guide the reader to reach pertinent goals in his or her life.  The Book Club Notebook is great to use to build your own literature course for homeschooling or as an outside-the-school parent-run structure to improve reading skills in your child.

When used as a core tool for a book club, the simple to follow structure will work with both fiction and non-fiction.  Discussion pages create the main structure for your regular club meetings.  The Book Club Notebook has space for book club members to prepare discussions for seven books.  Be sure to look at Introverts Book Club accessories. 


Book Club Notebook - A creation of The Introvert’s Book Club 

Item #9067 

$9.95 plus $3.50 $6.50 shipping and handling*


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